Concerning our School: 
 INS Arquitecte Manuel Raspall (Cardedeu) (GEP1) 

Our high school is located in Cardedeu and it was founded  more than forty years ago. 
It is a public school and it combines innovation with tradition. Nowadays, over five hundred and sixty students take their secondary studies with us . Our training offer is extended to all ESO levels, and all the modalities of baccalaureate and Batxibac ( a French modality), except arts speciality
For us it is very important to promote foreign languages learning  (English, French and German) , for that reason , every year we  carry out exchange programmes  with Holland, Germany, France and Quebec.

Concerning GEP in our School: 

Our school is really interested in increasing  the foreign  languages' level of our students because It is one of the most valued demands by our  students and families.
With this aim ,last course we joined the GEP program  (generació plurilingüe)  which has  brought forward an extra value to our classes and complement the other activities we promote to achieve this goal.

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